Logo for GISD

Five Years of Service: Janie Flores, Tanya Arriazola and Kristin Russell. Not pictured is Kellie Bradley.

10 Years of Service: Back Row: Sherrill Towery, Melissa Salas, Pat Brown, Melissa Cox; Front Row: Jaqui Rubio, Carolina Jennings, Amy Neel. Not pictured: Migdalia Bugarin, Ekaterina Lauderdale

15 Years of Service: Kim Shockley, Cassandra Rickman, Jamie Myer and David Luna. Not pictured: Diana Garcia, Liza Perry and Carl Shockley.

20 Years of Service: Gayle Fridell. Not pictured:  Deborah Haney.

25  Years of Service: Back Row: Sherri Harvey and Yolanda Duque; Front Row: Kristin Billo, Patricia Huber, Doug Williams and Monica Moya

30 Years of Service: Patrick Mackay and Annette Pickel

35 Years of Service: Nancy Castro

40 Years of Service: Not pictured: Lillieve Hosey

Retirees: LaRue Tater and Dawn Butler. Not pictured:  Brenda Gohmert