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Teacher & Staff of the Month

Teacher of the Month (April)
Gigi Ousley - Mrs Ousley is on every committee, runs the StuCo, leads the Elective department including all purchasing for CTE.  Gigi spends countless hours ensuring the needs of our students are met.
Staff Member of the Month (April)
Melissa Kremling - Mrs. Kremling ensures we know where all kids are, which can be hectic in the Spring.  She also is careful to count students present when we mess up and count them absent.


Teacher of the Month (March)

Catherine Worsham - Mrs Worsham was instrumental in our recent success in UIL Academics and in our school hosting the UIL district event.  Her dedication to the students and the school was a big reason we were successful in UIL Academics this year.
Staff Member of the Month (March)
Amy Parr - Mrs Parr is able to keep the chaos in Spring athletics scheduling and communications under control.  Without her efforts, students and coaches would not know where to go and when to be there.


Teacher of the Month (February)

Kristin Billo- Mrs. Billo works directs OAP, teaches Spark in the evening, and has guided the ELAR department to double-digit academic gains this year!!

Staff Member of the Month (February)

Helen Mata- Mrs. Mata primarily works with one student; however, she is eager to help teachers and other staff whenever asked.

Teacher of the Month (January)
Coach Kelly Hill - Coach Hill dedicates all of her time to the success of students, both in her Biology classes and her athletes.  Coach Hill planned an amazing prom for the students, and is already planning for next year.
Staff Member of the Month (January)
Yolanda Duque - Nothing would get done without the planning and organizing skills of Mrs. Duque.  Not only does she keep up with the hectic day to day principal's schedule, she also takes time to help all staff with grades and purchases each day.
Teacher of the Month (December)
 Christy Zillig- Teaches just about every student in one of her many overlapping classes, organizes picture days, is at every event for our students getting pictures for the yearbook and hall display.
Staff Member of the Month (December)
Tammy Niemeyer- As the student secretary, Tammy is involved in just about all we do, from 504 and SpEd meetings to withdrawing students, to getting the final touches of state testing completed. 
Teacher of the Month (November)
Dawn Butler- continues to challenge students in her many classes while also preparing students to compete in FFA.  Her FFA Ag advocacy team competed at the state level.
Staff Member of the Month (November)
Robin Roessler- Keeps our birthday wishes going every week and fills in for any class at any time. 
Teacher of the Month (October)
Abigail Sanchez- She is constantly searching for ways to help students in class, changing instruction to help every student learn. Goes above and beyond in dual credit class, meeting on weekends.
Staff Member of the Month (October)
Theresa Parker- Keeps students in ISS on task each and every day. Gives students work if teachers forget.  


Teacher of the Month (September)

Coach Zamzow- Coach Zamzow established a productive routine for PE classes at GHS and has spearheaded the implementation of AVID on the campus.  His can-do attitude while trying new tasks and learning is commendable.

Staff of the Month (September)

Coach Jones- Coach Jones is eager to help anyone at any time.  His dedication to the students and staff at GHS makes a difference each and every day.